Do Wella Bars need to be kept refrigerated?
Wella Bars are made from fresh nut butters and contain no emulsifiers. The natural oils in the nuts will over time separate unless kept refrigerated. To maintain freshness and prevent oil separation, we recommend keeping Wella Bars refrigerated until ready to consume.
How long are Wella Bars good without refrigeration?
Wella Bars will last 2 days without refrigeration depending on the temperature.
Can Wella Bars be kept in the freezer?
Wella Bars freeze exceptionally well.
How do you guarantee Wella Bar honey is organic?
USDA certified Organic Honey is produced by organic certified beehives. These special beehives are located in remote regions of Brazil where the honey bees can forage for nectar from various wildflowers free from herbicide or pesticide applications. We purchase exclusively from a True Source Verified importer that maintains proof of origin and honey testing certificates. For more info:  http://www.truesourcehoney.com/true-source-certified/
Do Wella Bars contain soy?
No soy.
Do Wella Bars contain GMOs?
No GMOs. Organic certification strictly prohibits the use of GMOs.  For more information on how Organic is non-GMO and more, visit: https://www.ccof.org/organic/organic-non-gmo-more
Do Wella Bars contain dairy or eggs?
Yes. Wella Bars contain whole milk protein and dry egg whites.
Do Wella Bars contain wheat?
No wheat.
Are Wella Bars made in a certified gluten-free facility?
No. Wella Bars are made in a facility that processes wheat, soy, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. We use Lateral-Flow Assay testing to ensure our bars meet the FDA standard for gluten-free. For more information contact our QA team at info@wellaorganics.com or call 877-725-7289
Are Wella Bars Kosher?
Yes. Wella Bar ingredients and the facility where they are made comply with the kosher requirements of OK Kosher. You can visit the http://www.ok.org/  website to learn more about their kosher certification.
Are Wella Bars raw?
We roast all our nuts prior to grinding our fresh nut butters. The finished bars, however, are not heat processed.
Do Wella Bars contain preservatives?
No. Our bars do not contain any preservatives, food dyes, conditioners or additives. Nothing artificial.
Where can I find nutritional info?
Nutritional information for all Wella Bars can be found on our product pages. Click here to view all products or click a product below:
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Almond Blueberry
Almond Sour Cherry
Almond Cacao
Powerful Peanut
Cranberry Crunch
Peanut Cacao
Hazelnut Cacao
Cashew Cacao & Chaga 

Cashew Turmeric & Ginger

Cashew Chai & Maca

Cashew Matcha & Moringa

Are Wella Bars available to purchase online?
Wella Bars are available for online purchase through our site! Shop Now