Our Story

Here at Wella, we believe nourishment goes beyond the table; pure, true foods should be grounded in elements of gratitude, love, and enriching ingredients.
That’s why we made Wella Bar.

Wella Bar - Our Story

Wella Bar - Our Story


We offer an intentionally simple, minimally processed, organic protein bar rich in pure, unrefined ingredients. Wella is a healthy solution to your grab-and-go lifestyle, packed with great taste that invites you to stop and savor.

We want to encourage healthier living by coming together through pure organic, whole foods, and want Wella to be an outlet to support your journey to a healthier you every step of the way.

Wella Bar

Our Bees

The wholesome ingredients used to create our delicious bars would not be possible without the help of the honey bees.

Honey bees are responsible for approximately 1/3 of all the foods we enjoy, pollinating our almonds, cranberries and blueberries and offering the incredible health-promoting gift of pure honey. The importance of honey bees to the global ecosystem is paramount.

But the honey bees are in trouble. Diminishing access to pollinator-friendly habitats has contributed to a steep decline in honey bee populations over the past decade, with mortality rates as high as 33% in the past five years.

Some of you may have noticed the ‘Bee-Kind’ logo on the side of Wella’s packaging. Our Bee-Kind Initiative is our promise to raise awareness to the plight of the honey bee and our commitment to help improve the condition of the world’s honey bees.

How You Can Help Us To Help Them

Buy Organic

Better for the planet, better for you and for honey bees.

Support Bee Research

Fund programs aimed at enhancing honey bee health and wellbeing.

Plant Wildflowers

Provides a diverse and natural food supply for honey bees.

Bee Kind Initiative

Wella’s Bee Kind Initiative funds verified non-profit organizations such as Project Apis m., Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and the Bee Cause Project. Each program is aimed at conducting research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bees, encourages pollinator-friendly habitats, and helps our youth to understand the importance of honey bees in the global ecosystem.

Your purchase helps us to help them. To get involved, contact us at